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Terms of Warranty

TX-Team Warranty

All of our system performes comprehensive testing before leaving the factory. If, nonetheless, technical issues or limited functionality occur, your system is covered by a 3 year bring-in warranty. This is much more than the legal warranty period of 1 year.
You can extend the warranty period to up to 5 years with our optional warranty extensions.
Due to our promise of longevity and sustainability of our systems we are very eager to find a fair solution for you even after warranty is expired. 

Please find more details on this in our general terms and conditions, or ask us personally. The RMA section of our website, you find here:

How our service works:
  • Return parcels must be carriage free
  • Shipping fee back to you is payed by TX-Team (in any case)
  • If the item is out of warranty we issue a non-binding offer for the repair or exchange
  • We can't take responsibility for your data. Please make sure you have a backup of your system.
  • Please don't return items which was't originally part of the scope of delivery
  • Software- and/or BIOS settings might be reset to it's default values